Extending the Army brand

After failing to meet its recruitment goal for 2018, the U.S. Army is forging new ways in an attempt to appeal to today’s youth.


Amazon announces free shipping, heating up the holiday season competition with Target.

Congress is preparing a 37-page, multi-faceted legislation to regulate sports betting.

Daimler is buying over $20 billion in battery cells to support electric vehicle plans.

The future of AI

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For Beth Smith, General Manager of IBM Watson, AI is having a fundamental impact on business.

Adapting to industry 4.0 technology

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HP and President Christoph Schell are storming the new “Industry 4.0” with its deep company rethink towards arising leadership.

Leading the technological change

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CEO Patrick Lo wants NetGear to become the perfect ally for customers when it comes to technological adaptation.

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Elon Musk´s four basic rules

For Musk, it’s vital to work hard and attract great people.


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