America’s most and least trusted professions

America’s most and least trusted professions

Gallup released a poll showing that nurses are the most trusted occupation in the US.

Some professions have a better reputation for honesty than others.

As technology innovations reinvent the way we think and take care of ourselves, it’s easy to question or feel distrust in a brand or service.

But which are the professions that Americans believe to be most honest and ethical today?

Gallup examined the issue and released an interesting poll showing that nurses are considered the most trusted occupation in the U.S. for the 17th year in a row, with 84% of respondents choosing them as the profession that best examples honesty and ethics.

Medical doctors, pharmacists and high school teachers follow nurses as the most honest professions in the country, with 60% or more of approbation among the surveyed audience.

Members of Congress, car salespeople, business executives, lawyers and real estate agents figure at the bottom of the ranking.

The odd case of journalists

The ethics rating of journalists this year is split, with roughly equal thirds of the public saying they have very high/high, average or low/very low ethical standards.

For journalists, these findings have mixed results. Although their rating of honesty is not outstanding comparing to the other professions, it does mark a 10% point increase if compared with the same ranking two years ago, matching its record high, last recorded in 1977.

Read the complete report here.

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