Champions League vs Europa League prize money

Champions League vs Europa League prize money

Here is what Real Madrid will receive as Champions League winner, compared to Europa League champions.

Real Madrid beat Liverpool to become the Champions League winner.

Atletico beat Marsella 3-0 at Parc Olympique Lyonnais on May 16th.

Despite battling one of their most important matches yet, both teams seem to have won, at least in revenue.

According to data from UEFA and Statista, Real Madrid will benefit themselves with 15.5 million euros as an award for winning the final game. Liverpool, on the other hand, just for reaching the final instance, is set to receive 11 million euros. Not bad. At all.

In total, as every stage of the tournament grants prize money to the winner of each match, Real Madrid is bound to receive a total of 57.2 million euros from UEFA as a reward.

Europa League: why so little?

Compared to the Champions League, the Europa tournament sees a clear disparity in reward money.

As Diego Simeone’s Atletico de Madrid beat Marsella for the Europa title, the spaniards guaranteed themselves a total prize money of 15.7 million euros, which is almost what a Champions League team receives from the organization by passing the group stage (12.7 million euros).

Visit here the complete Statista chart and enjoy the match.


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