China worried about online addiction in the military

China worried about online addiction in the military

An online-mobile game is infiltrating the daily lives of soldiers and officers in the Chinese military.

Who said mobile addiction cannot be a matter of national security?

Soldiers assemble during the exercise dubbed as “Queshan – 2013A” by the Jinan Military Area Command of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in Nov.

The Chinese military is having a hard time letting go of an online-mobile game called “Honor of Kings”, and according to a Chinese military spokesman, it could affect their ability to act.

Earlier this week, The People’s Liberation Army Daily, also known as the official newspaper of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), stated the game has already infiltrated the daily lives and physical and psychological health of the ones in charge of national security.

“Honor of Kings” has rapidly become the most popular mobile game in the world, having over 200 million registered players.

The epidemic started when PLA personnel was allowed to have their smartphones with them in their bunks.

Entire platoons are stuck to their cell-phone screen playing the game which registers over 80 million active daily users.

Attending online addiction for China PLA

A newspaper article from the People’s Daily raised concerns about the health impact caused by this game.

“Honor of Kings”, it states, has been linked to a decrease in immunity, strength and a strong tendency to be more emotional.

This has resulted in a dangerous matter for the newspaper as it urged military forces to enrich the lifestyle of its soldiers and vary their hobbies to revert addiction to online and mobile gaming in the PLA.

The average age of military service in China is between 18 and 24 years of age.

As a part of the reaction, Tencent Holdings, the production house of the “Honor of Kings” game, has declared it is close to establishing a new minimum age limit for the game to revert the addiction it has caused in China´s diverse population

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