Crossover loyalty for the car industry

Crossover loyalty for the car industry

SUV´s are on pace to outsell sedan models in the U.S.

Their is a clear crossover loyalty in the U.S. car buyers’ taste, as SUV´s are outselling sedan traditional models.

Despite the genre’s rather brief history, SUV´s are starting to interest very much the car-owners market, as they have already broken the loyalty rate that followed sedan models over the year, however, the auto industry’s two-year streak of record sales came to an end in the first half of 2017, where auto sales in the United States presented a steady 2.1% decline, according to Autodata.

Although the fall is something car makers must not forget, the upscale in sales for the SUV industry could save the day as it is expected to peak 60% during this year. To put the statistics in perspective, Volkswagen Group recorded an 8.2% sales increase through June of 2016, one of the highest among competitors in the car industry, although, the notable and surprising growth VW enjoyed was notably aided by the recent introduction of the Atlas SUV, one of the most popular SUV models on display.


For Jessica Caldwell, head of the Luxury Market Report from, women are notably propelling the rise of the SUV market and its growing popularity, as 57% of female buyers in the luxury segment are choosing SUVs these days against 49% among their male counterparts, while factors such as being a vehicle higher off the ground with a more commanding view of the road, and extended passenger cargo space are what push people to make the sedan customers crossover to the SUV club.

As Caldwell said to Forbes, “Luxury automakers who anticipated this trend are really reaping the rewards: they’re attracting previously untapped buyers, increasing brand loyalty and enjoying healthy profit margins,” (…) “It’s a winning scenario that shows no signs of slowing down.”

With information from USA Today and Bloomberg.


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