Facebook, king of negative sentiment

Facebook, king of negative sentiment

Survey reveals Facebook is a negative influence for the future.

Facebook, which began with the intention of serving as a tool for connecting and engaging people through a digital platform, and one of the first pioneers leading the transition to digital, battles today with a tarnished image that´s everyday becoming harder to fix.

Sensitive changes not well-accepted among the millions of users, and being accused of questionable practices used to influence foreign elections, have people believing Facebook could be the most net negative company for society in 10 years, according to 59% of CB Insights poll responders.

Amazon (11%), Google (4%), Apple (3%) and Microsoft (2%), in that order, were also mentioned inside the survey; while another 22% of responders said all the previous company´s have been positive, CB Insights shows.

“In 10 years, which company will we say was a NET NEGATIVE for society? The results are pretty overwhelming here. @facebook “wins” , Twitter.

The U.S.: A Facebook kingdom

Despite being under fire for a long time, Facebook continues to be the most popular social media and a millionaire-behemoth inside the U.S.

Just inside North America, according to Statista, social network penetration rate was around 66%, as 81% of the population has a social media profile, accounting for around 207 million social network users in the country in 2016.

Statista continues to explain Facebook was the first social network to surpass 1 billion registered accounts and currently sits at 2.2 billion monthly active users.

As a company, Facebook surpassed $40.65 billion in revenue in 2017, compared to $26.89 billion in 2016.

Facebook´s daily users inside the U.S. reached as much as 1.4 billion in December of 2017, compared to the 1.23 billion in December of 2016.

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