Stop the hacking!

Stop the hacking!

Facebook users will take action after the latest hack.

On Sunday, September 16, biggest security breach in Facebook’s history occurred.

As a result, more than 50 million Facebook users’ accounts were hacked, attacking vulnerabilities in a feature called the “View As” function (which lets you see what your Facebook profile looks like to others).

For those people, hackers could have logged in as if they were those users, having access to activity history and private messages.

In the days following the hack, Business Insider surveyed its Facebook using readers if they had chosen to take action as a result of the hack; just over a quarter (28%) of the surveyed public said that they’d continue using Facebook the same as before.

18% of users planned to tighten privacy settings, while another 12% said they would delete some information from their profiles.

When asked if they knew that their account was hacked, 62% didn’t know, 23% were indeed hacked, and 15% were not hacked.

The credibility of Facebook has been harshly damaged, and when the next data breach may occur for the Zuckerberg giant has become a continued matter.


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