Google Fiber loses CEO

Google Fiber loses CEO

After five months, Gregory McCray steps down as head of Access. 

Access is the Alphabet unit that houses Google Fiber, and it no longer has a CEO.

Gregory McCray was hired as CEO in February after Craig Barratt stepped down from the position in October 2016, when Google decided to focus on new wireless options and announce layoffs by the end of the year for its Fiber unit.

However, McCray has just been sacked as the chief executive officer for the firm following a company free-fall that has the press talking. Although the exact reasons of his departure are not clear, sources near the company environment confirm that a considerable number of complaints reached the human resources division when McCray stated turbulent comments last March regarding every man is entitled to a mistress, to which a big upset flamed up among the staff who immediately criticized the company leader.

The problems that have McCray exiting the Fiber unit is the peak of the iceberg of a considerable amount of setbacks Google has faced this year.

So, tensions are building up for the provider of fiber-to-the-premises service and broadband Internet in the United States, as McCray will no longer carry on with the company´s labor, stopping the Google Fiber ambition to expand into eight additional markets as it envisioned to offer gigabit internet packages for over 20 cities like Kansas City and Austin, Texas, as it urges to find a new head of the company that can revitalize an importante project that started strong a few years back.

Referring to the Google Fiber downfall, Larry Page, Alphabet CEO, stated: “We are committed to the success of Google Fiber. The team is bringing gigabit connections to more and more happy customers,” (…) “Fiber has a great team and I’m confident we will find an amazing person to lead this important business.”


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