High hopes from North American CEO´s

High hopes from North American CEO´s

Hopes are high for the U.S. Economy´s future and CEO aspirations.

The top businessmen in the United States estimate an economy boost for the end of 2017, which are very good news.

The most recent survey from the Business Roundtable stated that Chief Executive Officers from some of the largest companies in the United Stated, such as Apple and Tesla are having a good hunch for sales and spending for what’s left of this year.

The index that is considered in the Business Roundtable report are projections for sale, spending and hiring in the next six months.

These company leaders were asked how they see their business change in the next six-to-ten months, and according to the CEO Economic Outlook Index, that calculated the response from 148 CEO´s from May 3rd to May 24th, 46 percent of them saw possibility to grow.

Each one of these corporations represent over $6 trillion in annual revenue and more than 15 million employees in their command.

Despite that President Trump´s administration has seen some stumbles, North American CEO´s have reached their peak of optimism in the last three years, stating that the new tax reform planned for august could become the highest among developed economies.

Therefore, high hopes run deep in the highest corporate bosses, who hope to soon see the benefits the tax reform will produce.

In other data, Bloomberg asked the same group of CEO´s what they see in the near future for the U.S. Economy, to which the group answered they glimpse a 2 percent growth for this year, correcting their prediction of 2.2 percent economic growth before the entry of President Trump.

A new tax reform could boost corporate spending and hiring by cutting corporate tax rate to 15 from 35 percent, and even though the White House has been slowed by controversy and ongoing investigations, corporate CEO´s are finding optimism after all.

With information from Los Angeles Times and Business Roundtable



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