Is your data secure?

Is your data secure?

According to recent surveys, Amazon is the most trusted tech company with personal data.

With thousands of apps available, personal data is at risk, who are you trusting to manage it?

A majority of U.S. adults support law enforcement accessing certain personal data for someone under investigation, but only if it’s authorized by a warrant.

Information from a new poll by Morning Consult stated 55% of respondents said authorities should always be required to obtain a search warrant before accessing the personal information and data of a person under investigation.

That compares with 31% who said there are times when a search warrant should not be necessary for obtaining that information. 14% answered they had no answer.

According to Morning Consult, most respondents said they support police accessing data such as GPS and call logs on private cell phones — provided it’s pertinent to an investigation — but they’re less comfortable with law enforcement obtaining text messages, browser histories, photos and videos.

49% said police should have access to texts and chat histories, and 48% said the same about internet browsing histories. 45% said access to a person’s photos and videos on their devices should be allowed.

Who do you trust to protect personal data?

A respectable 69% of respondents saying they trust Amazon with their private data.

The cell-phone manufacturer of each customer follows Amazon, as 66% of respondents trust them with personal data. Google obtained positive reviews from 65% while Apple registered a 60% trust from participants and Facebook 49%, despite the heat it experienced a while back with information breach.

Trust in Jack Dorsey’s Twitter is less encouraging, as only 34% of respondents feel their personal details are in safe hands with the social networking service.

As for the future, some believe certain apps can become even worse for the people who use them. Time will tell.


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