Canada faces its lowest rate for unemployment

Canada faces its lowest rate for unemployment

The unemployment rate fell at its lowest since February 2008.

Gains among employment rates were proven in the latest Labour Force Survey in Canada conducted by Statistics Canada.

Unemployment rate, by Statistics Canada.

According to the index, employment increased 80,000 in November, especially among private sector employees.

During November, employment rose in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and Prince Edward Island, while all the gains attributable to full-time work, however, part-time employment was down slightly.

This “job boost” seen in the Northern country benefited groups especially among women 55 and older, youth aged 15 to 24, and for core-aged men (25 to 54).

Unemployment who?

In the 12 months to November, the survey showed, employment for older men was up 81,000, while employment for women aged 55 and older rose by 32,000. Their unemployment rate fell by 0.5 percentage points to 4.6%.

With the boost, Ontario becomes the state leading employment growth, as 44,000 people found jobs especially in wholesale, retail trade and manufacturing.

In Ontario, unemployment rate fell by 0.4 percentage points to 5.5%, the lowest rate since July 2000.

The second largest growing state was British Columbia, where 18,000 more people were employed in November mostly in full-time work,

Other services

Among other information, employment among educational services rose by 21,000 in November but was little changed from 12 months earlier.

Employment in construction increased for the second consecutive month, up 16,000 in November.

People employed in agriculture decreased by 5,800, offsetting an increase the previous month.

As for numbers in the private sector employees increased by 72,000 in November, while both public sector employment and the number of self-employed were little changed.


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