Manufacturing is Data driven

Manufacturing is Data driven

Modern manufacturing and data are increasingly going together, like never before.

As technology invades giant corporations and massive industries across the US, processes and logistics need to evolve, and for the manufacturing industry, leaving loose ends can be the difference between growing or dying.

World Economic Forum’s Top 10 emerging technologies.

Emerging technologies have turned this industry into one of the most interesting areas of opportunity for data, as its inclusion can help optimize processing, enhance experiences and innovate B2B commerce while propelling a changing environment for the future.

Process improvements in manufacturing are not new but modern-day technologies have boosted annual profits by millions, converting the business into a statistically meaningful market.

From promoting smarter operations to helping develop more efficient techniques, data has become an invaluable partner for manufacturing, an industry worth over US$2 trillion in 2016 according to the National Association of Manufacturers.

The opportunities for manufacturing: an industry in need

In another way, data has the capability to power the Internet of Things among the industry, which allows a growth of online services and increase overall in value.

Industrial data management is capable of creating experiences, building new revenue streams and shifting focus from a product-oriented organization to one that’s more customer-centric, all the while meeting specific customer demands in ways not possible before.

According to Oracle, these are some of the new windows of opportunity within the market.


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