Teaming up to face the digital turnover

Teaming up to face the digital turnover

Newspapers face a considerable digital turnover, and they´re blaming the internet giants.

In order to revert the digital turnover newspapers are facing in the U.K. and the rest of the world, publishers have decided on a united assault on the advertising market with “Project Juno”.

Important publishers in the U.K. such as The Guardian, The Sun, The Times, Daily Mirror, Express, Star, Telegraph and Mail newspapers have decided to take a stand in order to boost their ad income after seeing large falls in their print advertising revenue. This measure called “Project Juno” looks to attend the volatile and ever-changing ad market, on which they experienced a 2.3% fall of £81.9 million ($107.3 million USD) for a 12-month lapse up until April 2016, all the while Internet giants such as Google and Facebook have taken a different posture and have seen considerable benefits.

The teamwork newspapers have established in the U.K. looks to be the correct method to better present the opportunities for advertisers, as print has fallen out of fashion for advertisers, who seek for their new windows of opportunity on the digital platforms, as approximately 3,773 billion people are estimated to be connected to the internet in this year, as a Hootsuite global report of 2017 named “We Are Social” has stated.

Project Juno is not the first time U.K. newsgroups have teamed up to take on the advertising market, as last year newspapers such as The Guardian, Financial Times and Reuters launched the programmatic advertising network named Pangaea, nevertheless, efforts did not pay up and the team plan was not sufficient to really improve the landscape for the print industry.

In April of last year, U.S. newspapers also formed an alliance that allowed them, not to take on the digital advertising market, but to do so against international news brands like The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal to lift the scale and attract trusted premium brands like the “big-shots” do. The team job named Nucleus Marketing Solutions aspires to reach more than 70% of consumers in the top 30 US advertising markets and 168 million online users.

Much is needed to be done, however, newspapers around the are teaming up to meet up with the emerging technology trends that invade the every-day work lifestyle, and “Project Juno” could be the leading flag to tie income across industries.

With information form City A.M. and Business Insider.


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