Stan Lee’s million-dollar children

Stan Lee’s million-dollar children

Stan Lee left behind a million-dollar legacy in terms of box office success.

Stan Lee and Spider-Man.

The co-creator of some of the most iconic comic characters in the world passed away at 95.

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Since then, the legacy of Stan Lee not only re-gained popularity in young and old audiences alike, it turned inmortal as his creations became one of the biggest successes of movie history.

Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment for $4.24 billion in 2009 – a price largely based on the value of characters conceived by Lee decades earlier – adding to the already growing super hero boom that was hyping up everybody everywhere.

These were the biggest box-office hits of characters/franchises (co-)created by Stan Lee:

  • The Avengers ($4.97b)

  • Spider-Man ($4.84b)

  • The X-Men ($3.18b)

  • Iron-Man ($2.42b)

  • Thor ($1.95b)

  • Black Panther ($1.35b)

  • Ant-Man ($1.14b)


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