U.S. lags on mobile speed

U.S. lags on mobile speed

Mobile speed in the US is not even close with other regions of the world.

The U.S. does not even rank in the top 25 of average mobile internet speed.

While the U.K., Germany, Finland, France and Norway lead in mobile internet connectivity speed, the U.S. falls behind Italy, Egypt, Hungary, South Korea and Greece down to position number 28 in average mobile internet velocity.

The most recent Akamai “Technologies Q1 2017 State of the Internet Report”, that recovers insight from global and regional connection speeds, trends and adoption rates, proved that the U.S. is falling way behind in bettering mobile connection, despite that it represents the biggest share of overall internet use in the general population; 95 percent of people in the United States own a cell-phone of some kind, says a Pew Research Center study.

Despite of developing new and faster networks like the 5G platform, coverage across the U.S. is known to vary significantly or even fail within the same area or city. In other states across the country, especially in rural spaces, network connection can be limited or even short on effective reach, no matter what corporation or phone plan your mobile is attached to.

Throughout the last years, smartphone dependency in the U.S. has peaked and maintained itself despite slow broadband. In 2016 alone, 12 percent of adults across the U.S. did not use broadband at home, although they do own a smartphone and use it for browsing on-line, an important indicator that prioritizing mobile connection is one of the biggest investment plans companies can take towards their investment future.

In a complete contrast, Akami also mentioned that the U.S. is within the top 10 countries with fastest average fixed internet, although, still behind Denmark, Japan, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Norway and South Korea, who ranks at number one for fixed internet connection with a speed of 28.6 Mbps (Mega bites per second).


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