Canadians on technology and digital adoption

Canadians on technology and digital adoption

This is the digital landscape regarding the adoption of incoming technologies among Canadians.

As the global economy is upon us and emerging digital technologies close in on worldwide economies, Canadians see change regarding technology adoption.

Alberta has the highest
percentage of Internet users in Canada.

Regarding the use of Internet, files from Statistics Canada prove that nearly all Canadians under the age of 45 use it every day.

Canadians under the age of 45 years old make up for 55.5% of the total population in the Northern country.

Access to Internet, according to data, is made up by the use of smartphones, laptops or netbooks, tablets, desktop computers and digital video camera other than the smartphone, as they become the top 10 devices used in Canada.

Perception of technology

Regarding benefits and perception, 77% of Canadians aged 15 and older reported that technology helps them to communicate with others.

66% others felt that it saves them time while 52% stated that it helps to make more informed decisions. Another 36% felt that it helps one to be more creative.

These represents a contrast to its elder counterpart, as those aged 75 and older were consistently the least likely to agree that technology helped them achieve these benefits.

Canadians and balance in a tech-fueled lifestyle

Information from the 2016 General Social Survey showed that, over the previous eight years, the proportion of working Canadians who were either satisfied or very satisfied with their work-life-balance declined by 10 percentage points, dropping from 78% in 2008 to 68% in 2016.

The same study proved women were somewhat less likely than men to be very satisfied or satisfied with their work-life balance (66% versus 70% respectively). Canadians with children (67%) and those without children (69%) reported feeling this way in nearly equal proportions

Digital adoption in Canadian small businesses

Most small business owners have an online presence (93 per cent) and regard digital technology adoption as extremely or very important to their company’s success (86 per cent).

When it comes to starting a business, w omen are 20% less likely to adopt new technologies than men, and immigrant entrepreneurs are twice as likely to integrate digital technologies into their companies than those born in Canada.

Unprecedented opportunities and a useful expansion are what Canadians can win while embracing the digital adoption, however, not doing so thoroughly can compromise the capacity of businesses to compete in today’s digital world.


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