Digital adoption on the rise for rural America but still lacking

Digital adoption on the rise for rural America but still lacking

Nearly 63% of rural Americans have embraced digital, but not as fast as urban lifestyles.

The digital gap between rural and non-rural Americans has shortened, but there is still a giant breach between them.

There are substantial differences in technology adoption within the older adult population. Image credit: Pew Research Center.

As mobile technology and broadband connection has been adopted in rural America, embracing the change in digital has become palpable in such reasons.

According to a Pew Research Center (PRC) survey conducted in late 2016, 63% of the rural population in America accepted having a broadband internet connection at home, up over 35% from 2007.

Referring to mobile technology as well as smartphone and tablet adoption and ownership, as 70% of adults in the U.S. admit to have a laptop/desktop at home, while 67% of them accepted to own a smartphone or mobile communication system, as the 29% of the total population of adults in the U.S. admit to possessing from laptop/desktop, tablet, smartphone and home broadband.

Never the less, ownership and adoption in digital is still at a 7-12% rate in comparison to urban and suburban citizens.

As proved by the PRC investigation, 58% of adults who live in rural community’s state they use the internet on a daily basis, while on urban areas, 80% of residents depend on internet daily for the fulfillment of their work tasks.

Despite adoption of digital trends has expanded in rural areas, pace still strays far behind the one seen in urban and suburban lifestyle, as rural America spaces today face weak infrastructure and territories unable to adopt internet coverage.

In digital, broadband is important to the people

Another PRC report showed 9-in-10 Americans (49%) describe high-speed internet services as one essential, while 41% others say it is not.


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