The drone-delivery businesses setting the pace

The drone-delivery businesses setting the pace

Drones are an emerging technology, and these companies lead the change.

Although drones can have many uses, delivering packages to consumers has become their main use –for now–.

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A recent study from Business Insider Intelligence showed companies like Walmart, Amazon and E-commerce businesses have a wide potential to adopt a drone service, especially in delivery.

The users of drones

Microsoft | In early 2017, the company raised 26.0 million-dollars to create a drone-oriented startup by the name of AirMap.

Dubai´s Roads and Transportation Agency | People-carrying drones will be designed through Eniverse Technologies, who aspires to start operations in March 2018 and expand during the next six-to-12 months.

BT | The Telecom corporation has been experimenting with delivery drones to take Internet coverage to battlefields and disaster grounds.

AmazonOn December 2016, the corporate giant leaded by Jeff Bezos announced it started drone delivery trials in the U.K, and by March 2017, Amazon completed its first Prime Air drone delivery. It was done in Palm Springs, California.

Qualcomm | By September 2016, Qualcomm announces a partnership with AT&T to test drones on how well they could act on cellular network to deliver on a wide-scale deployment.

The future is set

Drones are set to transform business operations, from delivering packages to customers to enhancing a company´s supply chain, these technologies are aiming to revolutionize business as we know it.

Fast-changing consumer behavior, the emergence of massive e-commerce only companies and a continuous shift to digital has been cooking the future for drone-use.

It is estimated that the consumer drone market could shape up to be a huge opportunity, as Goldman Sachs estimates it could be worth $3.3 billion by 2020.


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