Instagram announces anti-bully tech

Instagram announces anti-bully tech

Instagram will implement technology that can detect bullying in posts.

Designed to maintain Instagram’s positive reputation, the new head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, has announced new technology that will detect bullying in posts.

This technology will identify posts that attack a person’s appearance or wellbeing, passing to flag them for review by Instagram’s team.

During 2017, Instagram launched an enhanced comment filter that uses machine learning mecanisms to find offensive words and phrases in challenging contexts and report them. Now, the company is expanding similar coverage to photos and captions.

This new technology will start functioning in the coming weeks, just in time for October’s National Bullying Prevention Month in the US and the Anti-Bullying Week in the UK.

“Online bullying is complex”, said new chief Adam Mosseri after his first product announcement as chief, “we know we have more work to do to further limit bullying and spread kindness on Instagram”.

Instagram says it’s not just analyzing photos captions to identify bullying, but also the photo itself, as it also will be launching a “kindness camera effect” as a way to spread positive messages aiming to boost user engagement. 


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