LinkedIn kingdoms

LinkedIn kingdoms

LinkedIn is the largest networking site for working professionals, but where is it used the most?

LinkedIn is a platform for finding jobs as well as employees, and connects professionals with mutual interests.

It’s a 562 million-subscriber app that’s also great for promoting businesses and advertisements, but how popular is it among U.S.users?

Actually, LinkedIn is most popular among its U.S. audience, gathering a total of 150 million users, according to We Are Social.

India and China, with 52 million and 44 million respectively, are spots one and two of most LinkedIn users.

Brazil (34 million), the U.K. (25 million), France (17 million), Canada (15 million), Mexico (13 million), Italy (12 million), Indonesia (11 million), and Spain (11 million) complete the top 11 list of countries with most LinkedIn users.

Social media inspiration, awaited for this Christmas

As part of a bespoke study by GlobalWebIndex, 2,200 internet users in the UK and U.S were asked about the role of social media in purchasing behaviours this Christmas.

3 in 10 strongly agreed that social media will play a role in their gift purchases this Christmas. This rose to almost 4 in 10 among millennials, which isn’t surprising given that the use of social media is now universal among this generation.

Many of this users have also declared to lookout for inspiration for gifts whilst browsing their social media feeds – so brands can really leverage this situation in the next few months.

WANTED: The best Christmas ad

Competition is also strong in the advertising market.

The competition for the best Christmas ad – which is set to be watched across all media channels – has become a strong competition in past years as consumers eagerly await the storytelling from a biggest retailer to set out and buy.

According to We Are Social, in 2017 John Lewis’s Christmas ad reached 20 million views on Facebook and YouTube within the first three days of release. In 2018, an ad starring Elton John reached millions online in its first 24 hours.

54% of millennials said they discovered a new brand or product through sponsored posts with deliberate promotion, 53% via recommendations on social media, and 41% through celebrity posts.


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