A new kind of workplace

A new kind of workplace

Microsoft has set up a pretty high bar when it comes to workplaces.

If you think you have already seen the most creative and out-of-the-box workplace, think again.

Microsoft’s 500-acre Redmond, Washington campus put renowned builder Pete Nelson of the TV show “Treehouse Masters” up to the task to create a new kind of workplace And he did.

The final result was a 12-feet-off-the-ground, technology packed treehouse that is empowering employees to work in new ways.

Armed with charred-wood walls and a soaring ceiling with a round skylight that lets in a little bit of light, the new workplace has workers focused, delighted, and present, as the place allows them to absorb the environment and change the perception of their work and how they can get it done.

Microsoft’s long-term strategy includes envisioned connection to the environment while increasing opportunities for workers to collaborate—all while maintaining the reliable connectivity of a traditional office.

Packed with electricity sources, Wi-Fi, tactile surfaces, weatherproof benches, a rust-proof rocking chairs, an outdoor gas fireplace, and many other features.

The treehouse brings a more human touch to the workplace, boosting more than we know confidence, productivity and confidence between work partners.

What if everyone had their workplace outside?

Outdoor exposure is linked people’s well-being.

Being outside, according to the University of Washington, turns off stress response, which means you have lower cortisol levels, heart rate and blood pressure, boosting immune response, feelings, creativity, and focus.

As for Dr. Eva Selhub, an internationally recognized resiliency expert, physician, and author, she writes: “Trees and plants secrete aromatic chemicals that impact our cognition, mental state, and even our immunity”.

Microsoft workers are getting things done in a different way, and having nature as your backyard –literally– can make you be more productive and present, as it is the only thing we really have.

Would you work in a treehouse?


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