The languages of the Internet

The languages of the Internet

Internet World Stats presented the top ten languages of the web.

The Internet is an infinite, freely explored universe where information flows and simultaneous conversations occur at every passing second.

Top Ten Languages Internet Stats were updated in December 31, 2017. Internet Penetration is the ratio between the sum of Internet users speaking a language and the total population estimate that speaks that specific language.

In it, a vast amount of languages are spoken and communicated, building and enhancing human connections even at a larger scale than the real world.

To understand what dialects are spoken inside the web, Internet World Stats estimated the top ten languages of the Internet.

According to the research, English is the most used language, as 1,462,008,909 people in the world speak it through the world-wide web. Chinese speakers reach an estimate of 1,452,593,223. Spanish, Arabic, and Portuguese complete the top five while Indonesian / Malaysian, French, Japanese, Russian and German are 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

All-together, these top ten languages, are spoken from a total of 5,135,270,101 people in the world, while another 2,499,488,327 people speak the rest of the languages, outside the top ten, completing the 7.6 billion people that are registered as the World Population.

Japan: a growing Internet user

Among other key findings, it was pointed out that Japanese Speaking web users have grown 152.0% in the last eighteen years.

Statista reports Japan grew to 101 million Internet users, and as of the second quarter of 2016, it ranks among the highest speed rates in the web with approximately 17.1 Megabits per second. 59% of the Japanese population have access to search and navigation services, while 73.6% of web users are engaged with daily online video content.


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