The top-innovative colleges in the U.S.

The top-innovative colleges in the U.S.

The U.S. News & World Report lists the innovative colleges of 2017.

In terms if innovative improvements in faculty, technology, campus quality, facilities and student services, the U.S. New & World Report listed the top-innovative colleges in the U.S.

“ASU is Where Innovation Thrives”. Image credit: State University

Portland State, Duke, Harvard, Michigan-Ann Arbor, and Maryland-Baltimore County lead the list in terms of success in tech, engineering, math and other studies related to the matter.

Listing is based on the amount of nominations schools receive on elaboration of projects and promises to change campus life.

Efforts continue in innovation

Arizona State University ranks in first place for the third year in a row.

Its form of innovation and inclusion, smart partnerships and project-based studied focused on tackling real life problems have made Arizona State the lead in innovative approach, both in academic and practical terms.

Stanford, MIT, Georgia State, Carnegie Mellon and Northeastern University make top six.


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