U.S. ranks 43rd on worldwide mobile download speed

U.S. ranks 43rd on worldwide mobile download speed

An analysis by Ookla ranked the countries with the fastest mobile download speed in the world.

The U.S. lags on mobile internet speed, big time.

According to the 2018 Speedtest U.S. Mobile Performance Report by Ookla, despite that 5G is on the horizon and download speeds are expected to change greatly in the next year, the United States ranks an average download speed of 30.49 Mbps, which means it still needs to work hard on improving speeds and using more efficiently their existing spectrum.

Norway sits at number one with 67.17 megabits per second (Mbps). Iceland, which comes in second, averages 67.05 Mbps.

Singapore (57.28 Mbps), Canada (56.37 Mbps), Australia (55.31 Mbps), Netherlands (54.26 Mbps) and the United Arab Emirates (52.90 Mbps) complete the top seven worldwide mobile download speeds.

Mbps, short for megabits per second, are a measure of data transfer speed (a megabit is equal to one million bits). Network transmissions, for example, are generally measured in Mbps. For example, to stream Netflix in Ultra HQ quality, a person needs access to 25 Mbps.

Top carriers in the U.S.

According to Statista, the fastest and most consistent carriers across the United States was T-Mobile followed closely by Verizon.

T-Mobile has been expanding their LTE coverage, particularly to unserved areas, giving them an edge over Verizon.

These are the results of the 2018 Worldwide Broadband Speed League.


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