Do your job!

Do your job!

Bill Belichick’s “Do your job!” philosophy is so great it can be adopted by anyone who wishes to succeed.

Ever wonder what makes the Patriots’ organization so great?

Undoubtedly, a big part of the credit for the team’s success goes to head coach, Bill Belichick, as his “Do your job!” philosophy has pushed his athletes to mere excellence.

This lesson is really worth learning, not because it comes from Belichick, which is also a strong-point, but more because of the impact in can have on our daily lives, athlete or not. It offers a new and easy way to establish a winning culture with a simple mindset.

Elegant in its simplicity, but extremely effective when reinforced, the message strengthens trust and leads to greater accomplishments. “Do Your Job!” means being prepared, working hard, practicing compassion, working for a greater goal, paying attention to detail, and putting the team first.

It’s easy: Bill does not ask for extraordinary. He, more than anybody, knows the game, he understands an inch can make the difference, and all it takes is your compromise, your clarity for the goal, and the desire to achieve it. Because if you do your job correctly, and your colleagues do the same, the result begins to build, it strengthens, it becomes possible.

A lesson to all

We’ve all thought Tom Brady to be supernatural or something, as he is undoubtedly one of the best to ever throw a football.

But truth is, he understands Bill’s lesson to the fullest. He is a great thinker with the ball, but he is absolutely confident his teammates will “do their job”, and the results are there to see. It has driven them to the biggest stage of all, and it couldn’t be greater: facing the rival that saw it all begin on the “Super Sunday”.

Even in the dictionary, effort comes before success. The Patriots´success is not a chance by destiny, it’s earned.


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