Foreign students enhance education in the U.S.

Foreign students enhance education in the U.S.

 Foreign students are strongly contributing to the creation of new jobs and better education in the U.S.

Throughout the years, the U.S. has been a perfect place for international enrollment, however, it has also created a vast controversy mentioning that noncitizen students steal seats from Americans.

Nevertheless, despite feud and dispute, an American Economy report named “Reflecting on the Economic Value of International Students” proves that international students are a source for up to 542 billion dollars in revenue for the education industry, all the while undergraduates from 2016 contributed in the creation for up to 81,000 U.S. jobs in a variety of industries.

The challenge of foreign students

Despite what some people could think of what is lost from the arrival of foreign students, these young people face rather considerable obstacles as they pay higher tuition than home students, receive less financial aid, are asked to prove even more their capacities to access school programs and course materials.

Expenses on tuition, local programs such as English teachings, rent, supplies and everyday living (gas, groceries) and traveling plans are some of the ways these international students are gathering over 19.6 billion dollars annually, an amount that fills up to 86.6 percent of what the Department of Education requested in 2015 to help low-income students in the U.S. pat for college (22.6 billion dollars).

So, in a way, foreign students are seeing that local youngsters finish their school degrees and prepare themselves in a better way.

The top city economic contributors where international graduates reside or acquired a degree during the past years were New York, California, Massachusetts, Texas and Pennsylvania, and every year, a 4 percent growth is seen in the number of international students across the U.S. cities, as 760,000 alumni existed between 2011 and 2012, while over one million were counted in 2015-2016.

Foreign students expand domestic enrollment, so, it is key for government and society to understand the importance of foreign student quality, because a decrease in the number of international pupil’s enrollment in American education centers could mean a destabilization in university budgets, facilities and teaching quality, creating a huge upset for U.S. scholarship, intellect material and higher education, slowing the nations understanding of globalization in the search for higher education in comparison to other developed countries.


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