Kris Duggan steps down as BetterWorks CEO

Kris Duggan steps down as BetterWorks CEO

BetterWorks is on the search for its new CEO.

Following accusations of assault and sexual harassment, Kris Duggan has been removed as CEO of BetterWorks.

The enterprise software company based in Redwood City, California, announced Duggan´s exit Wednesday afternoon through a press release after Duggan was named in a San Francisco Supreme Court lawsuit on July 13.

Although the company did not specify further details on the lawsuit or the way the company leader acted, the board of directors did say that Duggan will transition to the role of president while they search for replacements.

Duggan, who co-founded the company in 2013, was said to personally step down as CEO of BetterWorks to lessen the distraction towards getting everything back on track after the turbulent drama.

Despite not having a the real background on what may have caused Kris Duggan´s exit from the company, people cose to the case stated that the CEO made an inappropriate approach on Beatrice Kim during an offsite work retreat where Duggan made uncomfortable approaches after allegedly getting drunk and entering her rest place.


When it comes to CEO´s controversial cases, Kris Duggan accompanies people like Travis Kalanick from Uber, Roger Ailes of Fox Sports, John Stumpf from Wells Fargo, and Matt Harrigan from PacketSled, to name a few.


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