As told by Joe Maddon

As told by Joe Maddon

Joe Maddon’s definition of leadership is one worth learning.

This past Sunday night, the Chicago Cubs rose to the challenge and beat the St. Louis Cardinals in a score of 5-3.

The teams victory over the Cardinals improved the record of the defending World Series Champions and secured a first place in the NL Central, proving the teams worth as defending champs as well as the leadership method Joe Maddon has pursued for years, the same one that achieved one of the greatest victories in baseball history: the title they still hold from last year.

One of the most important factors that have the Chicago Cubs on the verge of defending honorably their title is the leadership embottled by Maddon, who continually supports the idea of being close to his pupils in order to have them perform the best way that they can, this continuous practice has established Joe as one of the -if not the most- awesome coach of baseball, giving life and returning hope to a major team both of the city of Chicago and the Major League Baseball  (MLB).

Very much like relationships, teams are hard to build, and after Maddon´s arrival from Tampa Bay by petition of Theo Epstein, a leader apart, the Chicago Cubs have been built as a top-performance team capable of dealing with what can possibly be the biggest upset for any team or human being on the planet: a broken spirit by history.

Joe Maddon: A leader worth following

Although baseball can be a very supersticious and analytical sport, leadership plays a key role in achieving the impossible, something Joe Maddon has an experience of doing, as championship coaches are remembered as much as their sportsmen who step into the field to carry on the hard work.

So, what is a leader? Joe Maddon speaks out on having energy, the sympathy to share it, patience to know what exactly to give to each individual, ambition to win and understanding that at every moment, your ego goes to your back pocket while wanting everything to go right for your fellow partner.

After achieving the World Series Title against the Cleveland Indians in 2016, reverting the longest championship drought in in all major North American sports leagues (108 years), Maddon still has his team on track and in the right direction, and that has nothing to do with luck or superstition, but all to do with leadership and management.

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