Trump disbans manufacturing council after CEOs exodus

Trump disbans manufacturing council after CEOs exodus

President Donald Trump disbanded two business advisory groups after CEO withdrawals.

Trump’s weak response to the Charlottesville white nationalism march has CEOs abandoning his side.

After Ken Frazier, Merck CEO resigned from the Manufacturing Council, Brian Krzanich, from Intel, and Kevin Plank, form Under Armour, followed in his steps.

On Wednesday, Denise Morrison from Campbells Soup Co. and Inge Thulin, CEO of 3M, did so as well and left behind the work in Trump´s administration.

Failing to denounce the white nationalists that provoked clashes in Virginia on the weekend drove the CEOs to take the decision to abandon the Presidents manufacturing council.

Trump´s response:

Donald Trump tweeted that he is disbanding two business advisory group after several CEOs withdrew from their position.

Although tensions were already at an all-time high, it was stated that groups were still on hold to discuss today the disbanding of the group.

However, uncertain that this happened or not, the President delivered his tweet in response to the multiple resignations.

Out of the original 28 people who were in Trump´s council, nearly 40% were no longer a part of the group by Wednesday afternoon.

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Who is left on Trump´s manufacturing council? Vía VOX


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