Mapping the confidence behind Trump and Putin

Mapping the confidence behind Trump and Putin

Pew Research Center studied how confident the world is about Trump and Putin.

Pew Research Center revealed that the world isn’t really trusting Trump and Putin to do the right thing when it comes to international politics.

According to published information, a global average of 60% of respondents around the world have no confidence in Putin’s government, while 26% do. Greece (50%), the Philippines (54%), Vietnam (79%) and Tanzania (51%) are listed as the nations that most trust the Kremlin leader, with over 50% approval among respondents.

As for Donald Trump, his confidence falters in a large number of countries, since less than 15% of respondents in Germany (11%), Mexico (5%), Turkey (11%), Chile (12%), Argentina (13%), Brazil (14%), France (14%), Sweden (10%), Spain (7) and Jordan (9%) have expressed confidence in the 45th President of the United States.

Israel (56%), Nigeria (58%), Kenya (51%), Tanzania (51%) and Vietnam (58%) are the nations that most trust Trump’s actions against international politics.

Who trusts Trump?

A new poll by CBS News that surveyed over 2,000 Americans found that Donald Trump’s supporters trust the president for accurate information more than their own friends and family.

It also noted that only 11% of Trump supporters trust the media for information.

According to Bloomberg, the Russian President inspires little confidence when it comes to handling world affairs, but still outshines his U.S. counterpart.


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