Why we say no

Why we say no

Saying “no” can be really good for business.

Warren Buffet is successful because he knows how to say no.

The world’s second-richest man after Bill Gates once spoke about the difference between successful people and others.

Saying No to Focus – Steve Jobs, Apple WWDC 1997.

He said: “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”

What did he mean?

Basically, Buffet spoke on choosing things that will simplify your life, as saying no over and over to the unimportant things flying towards us every day will help us achieve all that IS important in our everyday routine.

Remaining focused on things that truly matter is key, and Buffet understood that saying no helps clear the way, as did Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs agrees: Key is focus

At an Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 1997, Steve Jobs spoke about the same matter.

Jobs understood that success meant following what you believe, and that could mean hushing before an attractive proposal.

Even though it may seem the opportunity may not come again, sometimes the best course of action is not taking any action.

His exact words were:

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.”


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