And the Pulitzer goes to…

And the Pulitzer goes to…

Kendrick Lamar and The New Yorker received Pulitzers, one of America´s most prestigious awards.

The Pulitzer Prize congratulates and recognizes progress and elevation in journalism.

These prizes, considered the pinnacle of coverage achievements, are administered by Columbia University and awarded annually to diverse media works.

This year, stories regarding the #MeToo movement, abuse in the workplace, the construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall, and the Charleston, S.C. shooting were all considered for such distinction.

A rapper in the Pulitzer history

The Compton, California native is the first rap artist to achieve a Pulitzer, as the award is typically given to classical or jazz works.

One of the most interesting issues this year was that Kendrick Lamar´s music for his album “Damn” earned him a Pulitzer recognition. “DAMN” is Kendrick’s fourth studio album, it was released in April 2017.

For years, Kendrick has written and sang on political and social matters that hit near the core of his audience.

While explaining what earned the rapper with the prestigious award, Variety refers to Lamar´s music as “A vast musical progression from the one that came before, but most importantly, his lyrics reflect his upbringing in Los Angeles’ tough Compton area, the black experience in America, hip-hop’s history and legacy, stardom and countless other topics.”

The award is typically given to classical or jazz works, so Kendrick is the first rapper to achieve so. Last year’s prize went to “Angel’s Bone”, an opera by composer Du Yun.

The 2018 winners

Dana Canedy, Pulitzer Administrator, oversaw announcing the 2018 winners on diverse topics. These were:


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