The genius –and success– behind Brian May

The genius –and success– behind Brian May

From world-class guitarist to published author, Brian May is something out of this world.

Brian May is not only one of the greatest guitarists of all time, he is also an astrophysicist and published author.

Brian May showing off a copy of his book. Photo credit: Paul Harmer, Business Insider.

Born in Middlesex, England, on July of 1947, the co-founder of Queen alongside with Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylor, May; owns a PhD and can show off being a NASA collaborator with the New Horizons Pluto Mission.

Adding that he is also a regular fighter for animal rights, Brian May published “Queen in 3-D”, where hundreds of pictures of himself in younger years and alongside with the band can be seen in 3-D format.

After finding out he possessed a great amount of unpublished photographs, May decided to rediscover and stereo the pictures to then publish them in a narrative that follows Queen on and off stage, during rehearsals and in their most unrevealed moments.

It is curious when you really stumble unto someone who has a couple of hidden talents, that is, knowing that the main talent you know them for is really something out of this world.

The fact that Brian May is still intrigued by two-dimensional images, life beyond our universe, history and the way it has shaped humanity and the chords is some of the greatest rock songs of all time, speaks to me about a guy who enjoys passionately about learning.

So, what does the genius guitarist from epic-hard-hitting-band Queen teach us?

In business, or whatever activity we decide to embark on, we run towards our actions with two things: curiosity and heart. Both have Brian May soaring sky high –and personally defined as one of my all-time favorite and inspiring musicians I have ever seen.

Have a look at Brian May’s book here.


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