Your brain needs a break

Your brain needs a break

The brain is also in need of recovery time.

Your brain is a muscle, and like any other, it needs rest.

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Taking a break can be as helpful as eating.

Our brain is not made to be in constant movement, in fact, the faster it moves, the more time it needs off.

As you may know, anxiety and mental illness are some of the most considerable problemas among adults in the U.S., and lots has to do with a rested brain.

The digital era that is among us is constantly demanding a 24/7 lifestyle, which has us sitting down and connected to electronic devices like never before.

Growth in 24-hour T.V., social media and Internet have us sleeping less, eating without precaution and forcing our attention span, which has notably decreased over the passing of time.

Although you think you might be getting a lot of work done, our rapidly-moving lives are hurting more that the benefits they are giving us.

How can we react and better our habits to achieve balance?


Your brain, like the rest of your body, needs daily attention, so here are 5 easy tasks you can adventure on to better your mind wellness, off and at work:

  1. Move: Both body and brain get great exercise from moving around; wether it´s taking the stairs or doing jumping jacks, your brain would appreciate that you move all you can.
  2. Be outside: A Harvard Health Letter stated that sunshine can really boost the circuitous process and relief yourself of stress and pain.
  3. Unplug: Try and forget duties, clear your mind of work and think different. There is nothing wrong with forgetting pending issues at times.
  4. Take a nap: You know how you feel refreshed after a nap? That´s because it´s a great thing to do. Your mind and body get a great kick out of sleeping around 30 minutes apart from regular sleep.
  5. Let your mind wonder: Having a wandering mind is actually quite healthy. Relaxation and a fresh restart can come out of daydreaming or thinking about stuff you might not consider important.

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