Family and ambition in the business world

Family and ambition in the business world

Over half of working parents say they became less ambitious after starting a family.

Family risks work ambition.

A survey carried out by found that 78% claim that family responsibilities have dissuaded them from exploring new job opportunities or making a career move.

The survey also revealed that many workers find it difficult to maintain a healthy work-life balance, as almost 60% of respondents regularly work outside of standard working hours in an effort to maintain the balance between professional and family commitments.

77% of the survey respondents said that they chose not to apply for roles that involved foreign travel due to their family responsibilities, while almost four in ten (39%) feel that they have been overlooked for career opportunities because of their family responsibilities with 28% saying that they feel their careers have suffered as a result of their inability to attend work events that take place outside of normal working hours.

Jobs are also doing an effort

One-fifth of those surveyed acknowledged their employer’s efforts to accommodate their needs as a working parent as excellent while 45% rated their employers as either good or very good.

Research by found that 31% of workplaces offer parents flexible hours and 14% provide the option of working from home.

  • Orla Moran, General Manager,, stated:

“Today’s research however, suggests that these challenges facing working parents extend far beyond their childcare needs and in fact, directly impact their career choices and long-term career ambitions.”

“As a society currently approaching full employment, it’s important that employers facilitate employees throughout their various life stages and it is encouraging to see that the majority of employers are succeeding in doing so.”

“By recognising and accommodating the needs of employees, employers can show them that they are valued within the workplace and help them to reach their full career potential.”


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