Workplace stress on the rise in the U.S.

Workplace stress on the rise in the U.S.

Stress has invaded the U.S. workplace, as a survey reveals 80% of workers feel this way.

Americans are working longer and harder, and stress is rising.

Workplaces stress is a big deal across the United States as statistics from the staffing company Accountemps and the American Institute of Stress (AIS) show that 80% of workers feel it.

Nearly half of them say they need help in learning how to manage it.

Also, 42% of them say their coworkers need help managing the work-related problem.


Workplace stress

Different reports show that not only productivity is lacking because of the stress, but a violent and dangerous environment is also on the rise due to stress at work.

For example 14% of respondents for the AIS survey said they had felt like striking a coworker in the past year (2016), but didn’t.

Another 9% of the interviewers said they are aware of a past assault or violent act in their workplace, while 18% of them had already experienced some sort of threat or verbal intimidation at work.

Stress has peaked since 1996 when a considerable amount of people started calling in sick due to problems caused by it at the workplace.
Since the dawn of smart technologies, the rising issue is something that can also be seen in the young as nearly 18% of Americans identify the use of technology as a very or somewhat significant source of stress.
Stress and tech
According to an index form the American Psychological Association, more than 8 in 10 Americans are attached to their gadgets on a typical day checking social media like Facebook, Instagram and Gmail, and while that itself can be a stressful act.
Unplugging the device can be a big deal for people who have grown a deep fond of their smartphones and gadgets.


Findings from the same survey establish that parents of teen girls are significantly more likely to report that they worry about the influence of social media on their child’s physical and mental health: 69 % compared to 39 % of parents of teen boys.

Job insecurity has been one of the main consequences of stress at the workplace, as the violent environment takes its toll due to the worries caused by the effects it can have on co-workers.

The American Psychological Association also showed that an average of 20 workers are murdered each week in the U. S., turning homicide the second highest cause of workplace deaths and the leading one for females, as many of these actions have been caused by a passional crime.

What’s at risk

Stress is putting at risk work productivity, security and well-being, it´s not only how we feel, but what´s happening because of it.


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