Cool summer gadgets

Cool summer gadgets

Your still in time to enjoy these cool summer gadgets.

As technology gets smarter everyday, summer time is the best time to enjoy the latest type of tech the marek has to offer.

In a time where some decide to travel, others to pick up on their fitness and health, pick a place to shop or investigate for the best place to take on a new adventure, having a display of all these options is useful and intelligent. Being wearable devices, smart technologies or modern-day tools, here are some cool summer gadgets that can serve you in the sunny days of vacation or afterwards, long after the sun fades and winter approaches.

  • Travelmate

When you think about a self moving suitcase, Travelmate is everything you´ve been waiting for, the revolutionary technologic item moves by itself both horizontally and vertically, dealing perfectly with a crowded hallway or troubled roads. This smart autonomous suitcase can reach a speed of up to 6.75 mph, even while carrying other bags on its top. The suitcase includes a USB port, smart-connection with your cellphone vía app and a rechargeable battery, although, the most incredible thing about it is that it can avoid a person walking towards it… talk about smart tech.

  • Mirage Eclipse

Going out to the water? The Mirage Eclipse surf board goes directly from your car or van to the water for a grand experience. Enhanced with optimized handlebars for stability, the Mirage is wider than a paddleboard and it offers an extra-balanced ride that will offer a brand new aquatic -and portable- experience, as its removable handlebar and rudder makes it easier to transport your Mirage Eclipse anywhere. Anyone said water trip for this summer?

  • Kerv

The artificial intelligence era is already among us, and one of the most revolutionary thoughts for the future is how can we be able to pay digitally. So, thinking about this has put Kerv on the edge of innovation, as it offer the world’s first contactless payment ring, which allows you to pay for anything you like through your finger. This technology provides a way for you to carry on any payment method without the need for a wallet, smartphone or cash, propelling payment security and a new way to take the next step towards financial technology.

  • Ambi Climate Al Air Conditioner

Heat can be a real problem during the summer, the over-the-top temperatures can reach such a high level that it becomes dangerous and deadly for many. So, for this summer, the Ambi Climate Al Air Conditioner just announced this smart system that uses six factors to aid your home’s or favorite spot climate always remain perfect. Some of the items features include built-in sensors that automatically adjust your air conditioner which results in a comfier, smarter home that can save you up to 30% on your energy bill.

  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Practicability goes a long way, and it could possibly be the best quality speakers can have now-a-days. If taking your music everywhere is a big part of your trip-planning, these ECOXGEAR Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers are the next big thing. Equipped with smart technology, compact storage and -of course- a waterproof system, these music speakers, which connects with your smartphone through many ways, is perfect for summer or anytime of the year, as music, as you know, is an everyday thing.

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