Overall feelings on Russia’s FIFA World Cup

Overall feelings on Russia’s FIFA World Cup

How do people feel about the Russia tournament now that it has begun?

The FIFA World Cup has begun.

Who will take home the grand prize? “Football brings a spark into the lives of people, young and old”, Vladimir Putin said.

Eight years ago, when it was announced that Russia would host the FIFA World Cup, Vladimir Putin said the competition “would be held to the highest standards” as he aimed to show Russia is an open and transparent country to the world.

8 years later, as the ball has started to roll in Luzhnikí, the country’s international relations are as strained as they have been since the fall of the Berlin Wall after being related to the Syria war, the invasion towards Ukraine, the annexation of Crimea, and mass brawls during the Euro 2016.

All these negative moments have the world worried about safety and security for their soccer fans in the country.

According to a recent Ipsos poll that asked respondents in different countries whether they strongly or somewhat agree the tournament in Russia will be safe for visitors, only 34% of UK respondents agreed, showing the lowest level recorded in the poll.

As for people in China and India (two countries that did not qualify for the tournament) are most upbeat with over 80% agreeing the tournament will be safe for their soccer fans.

67% of German respondents agree it will be safe place for their people, along with 59% in France.

Russia: Where to watch and to watch it with?

The same Ipsos poll revealed where the grand football tournament will be watched.

Data showed a quarter of all people who are aware of the upcoming World Cup plan to watch it on the internet, while more than six in ten people will probably watch games on a TV set. Only six percent plan to follow the games on the radio.

Also, more than eight in ten people aware of the WC will definitely/ probably watch the games with friends and/or family. Nearly half will join in with work colleagues or will go to a bar or restaurant. Nearly one in four state to even miss work or school.

Overall, people aware of the World Cup have a positive opinion about the tournament in Russia. About three in four think the World Cup will be beneficial to the citizens of Russia, that Russia will be a successful venue and that the World Cup will be safe for visitors. More than half agree that they think better of host as a country now.

The money road

Where is the money going?

A total investment budget of 1.9 billion U.S. dollars was assigned  for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, click here to read on how the money will be spent.


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