The 50 best jobs in America

The 50 best jobs in America

A Glassdoor index ranks the top jobs in the U.S. considering openings and overall satisfaction.

Skills in science, technology, engineering and math can help you land some of the best jobs in America.

The 2017 Glassdoor Job Score report showed the top jobs in America as of last year.

Defining the rank by combining number of job openings, salary, and overall job satisfaction rating, being a data scientist, DevOps engineer, data engineer or tax manager can be profitable for your future.

With a median base salary of over 105,00 for each of the practices mentioned above, these rank, alongside with analytics manager, as the top-five jobs of 2017.

As for job satisfaction, being a data scientists ranks as the best spot, accompanied by data engineer, strategy manager, intelligence analyst, compensation analyst, dental hygienist and corporate recruiter.

Tech jobs, where do they rank?

Four of the top five jobs in the survey were for tech workers, including DevOps engineer (#2; 2,725 openings; $110,000), data engineer (#3; 2,599 openings; $106,000) and analytics manager (#5; 1,958 openings; $112,000).

Also, the positions of database administrator (#7), user-interface designer (#9), solutions architect (#10) and software engineer (#16) all fit into the top-20 positions of the ranking.

Solutions architect was the most lucrative tech job of them all, as it shows off a base salary of $125,000.

Glassdoor is the second largest online job site in the U.S., as it features employee ratings on 640,000 companies.

Challenges for young America

Although many tech jobs are expanding for students, tuition fees in the U.S. private and public schools rank amongst the highest in the world.

These are the top college majors facing unemployment, according to a census by career site Zippia.

You can consult here the complete report of the 50 best positions in America.


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