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Diamonds are forever

CEO Eira Thomas oversees the technologic game-changers surging for Lucara Diamond Corp., a $220 million company.

On the road to disruption

CEO David Abney is leading UPS, the 10th largest private employer in the US, into the new technological era.

A brighter future

The president of Acuity Technology Group at Acuity Brands, Laurent Vernerey, sees both challenges and opportunities ahead.

In a class of their own

President and General Manager of Sales, Eric Raby, is looking for opportunities to take CLAAS of America into a new era.

Robots in the kitchen

For fast-food restaurants robotic kitchens with limited repertoires look like a promising innovation.

Asian Power in Canada

Canada wants to grow its exports by 50% by 2025 and extend its business presence into new markets, especially Asia.

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