The power of one

The power of one

CEO Rohit Kapoor wants to maintain EXL as the dominant leader regarding analytic technological platforms.

Rohit Kapoor is the best candidate to shape the future business model of EXL.

The current vice chairman and CEO is one of its co-founders and has at different stages been its president, CFO and COO, so when faced with delivering tangible business impact to customers in a company he knows intimately, Kapoor is the man for the job.

“After becoming CEO in 2008, we came to find that the company was too much into operations management while back-office operations was a deeply neglected area. We saw that as an opportunity,” Kapoor said.

EXL provides customers with tools to accelerate their business performance. It “designs and enables agile, customer-centric operating models to help clients improve their revenue growth and profitability. Our delivery model provides market-leading business outcomes using EXL’s proprietary Business EXLerator FrameworkTM, cutting-edge analytics, digital transformation and do- main expertise,” the company says on its website.

Kapoor co-founded the company 19 years ago. His experience managing marketing teams, venture capital and private equity investments in Europe helped EXL establish itself as a strategic partner, always ready to change, capable of creating new channels of growth to organizations in the insurance, healthcare, banking and financial industries since 1999.

Excellence, respect and integrity, all in one

EXL, Kapoor said, stands for excellence, integrity and respect, thriving on delivering a vibrant, proactive and game-changing customer engagement focus for business clients that helps them differentiate form the rest of competitors in the marketplace.

“We managed to build up on our capacities and use the small details to create customer empathy and relationships, we applied management techniques, leveraged data externally and internally, brought real-time, data-driven analytics and processes into the operations and that’s what really worked for us,” Kapoor added.

The company is enthusiastic about adapting and helping customers adapt to the imminent digital transformation, as it has become a big driver and opportunity to navigate at the front of the pack, helping clients hand in hand to make the shift toward a valuable alignment in a complex digital scenario.

EXL is not resting on previous achievements, but their values and ideals remain the same since day one, as Kapoor guaranteed it is always looking into improving its capability to deliver to customers and understand the journey they envision for themselves.


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