These are some of the announcements from Google at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

As Google looks to establish a broad market of devices in all sorts of categories, it announced a range of new devices and capabilities that will employ the company’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) voice assistant at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

It’s previewing a new initiative called “Assistant Connect,” which will be a framework for partners to incorporate some of the AI’s features into their devices.

The new tools will allow companies to connect their devices to a consumer’s existing Google Home smart speakers, which will then handle communication with Google’s cloud. Examples of these sorts of devices include simple, low-powered displays that show weather or traffic as well as devices that incorporate microphones and can serve as conduits for voice assistants when there’s no smart speaker — similar to Amazon’s Echo Wall Clock.

Deeper engagement

Google is aiming to deepen engagement with its customers.

For this, it is also working with Samsung and Sonos to allow Google Assistant to control more devices around the home. With these innovations, the AI program of Google will be able to control music played through Sonos’ WiFi-controlled speakers and change settings on Samsung smart TVs, turning them on and off, adjusting volume, changing channels, and more.

Given that TV control is one of the features of voice assistants that most excites consumers, according to an exclusive Business Insider Intelligence survey.

Partners Anker and JBL both showcased car adapters for the Google AI assistant. These devices, which plug into a 12v outlet in the car, will give consumers yet another means of accessing the Google Assistant.

Google is in position to take advantage of its wider installed base in conjunction with its better voice assistant technology, but Amazon has already established a major lead in dedicated devices in use. The market for such devices is still developing and there may still be time to change current dynamics, but Google and its partners will need to get these new products into consumers’ homes and cars quickly to make up ground on Amazon and stop the current gap from widening.

With information from Business Insider.


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