European CEOs are not naïf

European CEOs are not naïf

71% of C-suite think branded content causes yawns.

Some people do not differentiate journalism content from branded content. It is not their fault. But some others are so experts that they even count the different sources quoted by the writer.

Raconteur surveyed over 500 European C-suite and find out the drivers and barriers on how they consume content and how they like it or not.

71% think branded content is boring, expected and repetitive. These CEOs have a clear and defined point of view in regard to the competition.

57% of the consulted C-suite think most brands don’t take design seriously enough. They consider that investing in excellent design is a quick win to engage others C-suite.

In a world obsessed with micro-content, the majority of C-suites are still looking for in-depth thought leadership to engage them, 70% do not believe that the future of content is short form.

The Raconteur survey shows that 46% of content produced by brand is consumed on mobile devices. And the No. 1 irritant issue for business leaders is unsuitable format or design for mobile consumption.


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