The power of Amazon

The power of Amazon

The e-commerce giant is coming directly into your home by partnering with some of the nation’s largest apartment landlords.

Online retailer Amazon wormed its way into the lives of americans and many citizens around the world with books, then with e-books, then with Kindle, then with loads of stuff besides books, then with “free” shipping at Prime, then with personal assistant Alexa.

For example, 3% of retail sales in Mexico occur from an electronic device, compared to 10% of what is sold in the US. Amazon tries to change this by increasing its presence in the country.

In the US, Amazon has signed contracts with building owners and managers for more than 850,000 apartments in the US to install Amazon lockers—literally, lockers set up by Amazon to receive deliveries sold or fulfilled by Amazon.

The locker program has been around for several years, but so far only commercial locations like pharmacies, groceries (looking at you, Whole Foods), and gyms have participated.

In Mexico, Amazon has two distribution centers that total more than 46 thousand square meters. Now, the company began the construction of a third center with more than 92 thousand square meters.

The place will have triple storage space and will accommodate more than 15 million products.

Having more distribution space will give Amazon a better chance to compete against MercadoLibre, the online sales brand that maintains leadership and stays above Linio and Walmart.


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