A change of the guard at Nike

December 6th, 2019|Comments Off on A change of the guard at Nike

On our cover story: After being a Nike employee since 1979 and 13 years at the helm of the company, 64-year-old CEO Mark Parker is stepping down. What’s next?

Flying high in the aviation industry

December 6th, 2019|Comments Off on Flying high in the aviation industry

Zean Nielsen, CEO of Cirrus Aircraft, believes that the future involves more people taking the initiative and getting behind the controls of an aircraft.

A utility company for the future

Richard Mark, Chairman and President of Ameren Illinois, believes that the company’s growing deployment of technology will enable it to serve the customers of today and tomorrow.


A 225-page report by Wells Fargo predicts a massive reduction for banking jobs.

French unions are saying “non” to Macron’s plan to overhaul the pension system.

French Luxury giant Louis Vuitton buys Tiffany for $16bn.


Intel’s next steps

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With former CFO Bob Swan at the helm, Intel is looking to embrace the AI, 5G, and autonomous driving revolutions.

Tradition and innovation

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Dino Bianco’s tenure as CEO of Kruger has seen the company continue its tradition for innovation and customer service.

A roadmap to success

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CEO Larry Schorr is leading the organizational restructuring of SIMONA AMERICA for the future.

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The neuro-pathway to happiness

There is new brain science that suggest you have the ability to re-write your own neuro-pathways to consistently feel happy.


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