Winter is coming

September 17th, 2020|Comments Off on Winter is coming

The US economy enters a critical phase of the pandemic with still no real control over it. Knowledge is there, but it’s up against a tidal wave of mistrust.

Integrating tech and well-being

With much of the business world shifting to a work-from-home model, sustaining employee well-being is increasingly challenging for enterprises. Deloitte explores the issue.

Pandemic effects on CEO pay

The CEOs of America’s largest companies now earn 320 times as much as a typical worker, according to a new study from the Economic Policy Institute.


40% of companies discussed diversity on earnings calls, up from 4% in prior quarter.

US economy could lose $15.3 trillion due to school closures.

Citigroup named Jane Fraser as its next CEO.


Diamonds are forever

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CEO Eira Thomas oversees the technologic game-changers surging for Lucara Diamond Corp., a $220 million company.

The playboy tech king

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The always controversial Larry Ellison, CTO and co-founder of the Oracle Corporation, may be facing his biggest challenge yet.

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Empathy as a business imperative in times of crisis

Don Peppers, recognized as a global authority on marketing and business competition, shares his thoughts on what the pandemic has to teach us. Join him for WOBI on Customer Centricity: 29 – 30 September & 1 October 2020.

Invest in the importance of the moment that is right now

Chadwick Boseman’s 2018 commencement speech at his alma mater, Howard University, lends new weight to his encouragement to find purpose and hold on to integrity. “Press on with pride and press on with purpose,” he said.


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