The smart homes of the future

Last week, Hauwei debuted its Smart Home project at the Mobile World Congress 2021 event. The new project follows the company’s core design concept of building smart homes for the future.  

A guy born to win

CEO Michael Dell is making headlines once again as he takes his company public in an unusual and controversial way.

Do you have the right mindset?

It might seem like you’ve been thrown a number of curveballs in life, any single one of which could stop a person in his or her tracks.

Which Countries Use Social Media the Most?

Over the past decade, social media has advanced from a way to keep in touch with loved ones to a definitive strategy for looking for anything instructive. Regardless of whether

Stress: a silent enemy

People in general are strong and resilient to certain levels of stress, in fact some stress can be healthy and motivating. That deadline for the project can push you to

Dealing with back and neck pain

Many people experience pain in the mid-back and around the shoulder blades. For some, it is an intermittent pulling. For others, it is a constant nagging ache. There are those

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