Top 10 college majors facing unemployment

Top 10 college majors facing unemployment

Composition and rhetoric has the highest unemployment rate for post-graduates in the U.S.

Zippia and Public Use Microdata Sample from the U.S. Census Bureau determined the top-ten college majors facing unemployment along with their unemployment rate.

Although some may think these majors may be related to art, society and communication, there are many others linked with science, engineering, technology and math.

Following majors are Biology, History, Advertising and Public Relations, Multi-Disciplinary or General Science, Computer Science, International Relations, Liberal Arts, Criminal Justice, Architecture, English Language and Literature, among others.

To retrieve information, the U.S. Census Bureau looked at the total number of people who graduated with each particular major.

Then, information was analyzed until they came up with percentages for each major’s unemployment level, which we then used to rank each major as presented earlier.

Stereotype exists in unemployment

Arts and communications degrees do rank as the toughest majors for landing a job.

As reported by Business Insider, the data may help explain why so many students study science and math in school but don’t go on to get jobs in those fields: Oftentimes, they don’t exist.

You can read the full list here.

  • Composition And Rhetoric | 17.54%

  • Environmental Science | 11.79%

  • Anthropology and Archaeology | 11.76%

  • Drama and Theater Arts | 11.42%

  • Film Video and Photographic Arts | 11.24%

  • Mass Media | 10.92%

  • Fine Arts | 10.90%

  • Area Ethnic and Civilization Studies | 10.84%

  • Intercultural and International Studies | 9.93%

  • Communication Technologies | 9.40%


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