A KPMG index reveals the countries with best legislation and consumer acceptance for self-driving vehicles.

A few years ago, the concept of a driverless car seemed something out of a science-fiction movie. Today, however, it’s a reality.

As the technology has turned more widespread, a larger amount of countries are becoming prepared to harness it.

Just inside the United States, about 50 companies are testing autonomous vehicles (AV) in California, plus, according to a report by Autonomous Vehicle Pilots Across America, more than 50% of US cities are currently preparing their streets for self-driving vehicles, up from less than 10% three years ago.

In China, government policies and consumer attitudes have quickly shifted toward autonomous and vehicles, violently pumping sales and mobility initiatives. According to Michael Dunne, president of China automotive consultancy ZoZo Go, “China will be the first to commercialize at scale simply because the regulators will pave the way with pro-autonomous policies.”

Surprise at the lead

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