Hold the ring!

Hold the ring!

Couples around the world are postponing their wedding amid growing fears caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19 is causing production and shipping delays from China as well as flight cancellations and general fear of people gatherings, forcing spouses to cancel their big day.

According to the American Bridal and Prom Industry Association, China is the largest textile exporter on the market, accounting for as much as 80% production of the world’s western-style gowns, but amid the coronavirus outbreak, many factories in China have remained closed during 2020 as the country battles to shift the curb of a larger spread, causing calendar shifts, money losses, worry for guests, but also an understanding that a wedding, in the age of the coronavirus pandemic, is not all that big in the grand scheme of things, Vouge reports.

In response to the slowdown, CNN Business writes, retailers started stocking up on wedding dresses and prom gowns, said Stephen Lang, owner of Mon Cheri Bridals, based in Trenton, New Jersey. “They loaded up because everyone is really worried about a shortage in the summer (…) There’s already at least a month delay in the supply chain [from China]. It will get worse if everything isn’t back to normal soon.” And it did.

“It’s appropriate for those brides getting married in the next two months to actually consider postponing,” said Luis Otoya, of Matthew Robbins Designs to Vouge after President Trump announced a European travel ban. “But we are not recommending our clients cancel their events. Financially, it doesn’t make sense—you are just going to lose your deposits. Often, you can apply the funds to a new date,” he stated. “Obviously, no one wants to change their wedding date, but this is something no one can control.”

Besides wedding dress production, the coronavirus presents another layer of disruption, putting a damper on weddings and honeymoons (especially those overseas, in areas like Italy).

The U.S.-China trade war had already caused tensions between brands which had them already thinking of moving their supply chains out of China, but with this novel dilemma, the break-up seems inevitable.

If you have to postpone your wedding because of coronavirus, wedding planner/designer Lauryn Prattes gives you practical tips to consider.


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