Irma threatens Disney World

Irma threatens Disney World

Millions are at stake for the world’s largest amusement park in the world by Hurricane Irma.

US$30 million in profits are at risk for Lake Buena Vista’s Disney World as the strongest storm on record heads its way.

Natural disasters that have been haunting the US over the past weeks and they could take another go when Disney World is forced to shut down because of strong winds and rain. The park has not stated plans to close during Irma but it has had to cancel several special events, costing revenue.

Hurricane Irma is set to hit Orlando on Sunday evening, but Disney has said it is not offering refunds or cancellations unless an official hurricane warning is issued.

An impact to consider on Disney

 The impact of Hurricane Irma is being estimated as a 1% drop in 2017’s fiscal year earnings and affect more than 750,000 people, as gas-shortages and evacuation will be on the rise in the Miami-Dade County and its surroundings.

Shutting the park down for one day can result in a loss of millions for Disney: Last year’s Hurricane caused a US$40 million downfall for just a day and a half.

Disney Cruises is also facing hazard, as three of their trips have already been cancelled thanks to Irma, and according to the company’s website, five cancellations could have a similar impact to a park shut-down at Disney World.

The National Weather Service has warned civilians about Irma as follows: “Prepare for life-threatening wind having possible devastating impact.”


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